QHHT Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy “My experience with QHHT was nothing short of astounding. The preliminary interview that is conducted just before the session began was handled with the utmost respect and professionalism. Elizabeth’s knowledge and ability to bring a sense of ease and comfort creates a true sense of calm and assurance that everything discussed is approached without judgment and with the strictest of confidence. The session itself is a guided meditation in which you are brought to a very deep level of peace and meditation while remaining aware and in control. The experience is difficult to put into words, however it is a deeply personal journey that allows the sacred part of yourself to emerge. Once that level is reached, Elizabeth is able to work with your highest self and, with permission, ask the prearranged questions that you bring with you to the session. The answers to those questions are meant to enlighten and bring a deeper sense of clarity and insight into your life. Since each of us are unique, the QHHT experience will be different for everyone. The commonality that remains is that each of us has a life force, a soul, a connection to a higher level of consciousness which allows us the opportunity to access deeper levels of knowledge. With the wisdom and experience Elizabeth brings to each session, you can be sure you are well protected and in a place where you can allow yourself to truly relax, heal and allow your inner wisdom to come forward and help you in your life. Without question this experience was profound and enlightening for me, and I would highly recommend Elizabeth to anyone who wishes to try QHHT for themselves.” ~Christin S.