Sacred Wisdom

  • Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy

    This Session involves a guided meditation into the Somnambulistic States of consciousness with visualization (Dolores Cannon’s technique). 

  • Connecting and Protection:
    Connect with the creator that gave you the breath of life.  
    See, feel or imagine that creator-God and the spark of the very first
    Moment that of all of creation was made, connect with
    the white light in the center of that brightest white light… the White
    Light of Christ.  Tell God to fill you with this White Light and see, feel
    or imagine it flowing from the center of that White Light, through the top
    of your head, filling every bit of you from the top of your head,
    illuminating your DNA… filling every morsel of your being,
    feeding your Soul…  all of you, coming out your feet, then stream into the
    light in the center of the earth. As it hooks in there, it will expand
    around you in all directions spinning, creating a bubble of protection.
    This is your Connection and This is your Protection.   
    This is your Sacred Space.  
    Feel it, Breath it in…   allow it to heal
    all of your mind, body, spirit and emotions
    at the level of your Soul.  With sincere gratitude state:
    Thank you, it is done, it is done, it is done.

Be sure you are solid in this connection and protection
at any time you want to meditate, this creates a
Sacred Space to be sure your answers are coming from
the Pure Source of Creation with God.