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Ancient Wisdom
Spiritual Shaman Class 
Johnston Rhode Island USA 
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In this series of Spiritual Shaman classes, you will be working to enhance your intuition.  These Sacred Medicine teachings are the highest form of Spirituality, where you walk hand in hand with God every minute of every day. 

The series of Shaman classes taught by Elizabeth are designed:
To Heal wounds of the Past; so the Past no longer haunts you.  (South) 
To step beyond Death; removing all fears that limit you.  (West) 
Connect with the Ancient Ones;  removing obstacles.  (North) 
Become the Visionary, making Dreams become a reality.  (East)

You will be assembling your Mesa (Sacred portable Prayer Altar) Medicine bundle.  Each of the items in this Sacred Mesa symbolize your life experiences and once they are healed, will be used as a healing tool.  The Shaman uses the Mesa for Spiritual Healing with Creator/ God, to heal issues of the Mind/ Body/ Spirit of family, friends, pets and situations and more… During these classes we will be working with Prayer – fire ceremony – soul retrieval – sand painting – power animals – crystals  – Hands on Healing –  Extraction – Despacho (prayer offering) and meditation. You will also receive the Rites of passage, handed down via our Lineage Teachers, the Q’ero Shamans of the Mountains of Peru. The Mesa is an Ancient Tradition handed down through the rites of passage from the Q’ero of Peru who are believed to be the direct descendants of the Inca. Elizabeth has received the Blessings of the Elders to share these ancient teachings.  To build your Mesa, you will need a Q’ero Mestana Cloth.  Q’ero Mestana aprox 36″ x 31″ Purchasing the Q’ero Mestana Cloth made by the Q’ero tribe is our way of giving back to our lineage.  Mestanas may be purchased in the Mountains of Peru, or 

To benefit the most from these classes, we require a commitment to hold these ancient traditions sacred to your heart.  This class is for those who are Serious about Spirituality and are ready to build a strong foundation for their healing work.  No Smoking, No Alcohol drinking, Absolutely No Marijuana (Prescription or not) and No Recreational Drugs are allowed in Class, Ceremony or on premises at any time.  
This series is a total of four Weekend dates $1700.00 and must be paid in full 1 Month before class begins. 

Advanced ~ Shamanism ~ Intensive

This 5 day Class is for FULL Mesa Carriers only
All Students Must have prior training in the MESA~101 Shaman class taught by Elizabeth. This class will teach you how to integrate Spirituality using your Mesa and Shamanic traditions for Healing in real life situations, including: Hands on Healing, Psychic Surgery, Ear Coning, home/business clearing, Divination, Essential Oils, Extractions, Chumpi healing, Meteorite Healing, Tracking past-future, Appuchetta, Sand Painting, Programming Crystals, Despacho’s, Candle & Egg healing and more… 
Here you will build your Mini-Mesa as you walk hand in hand with Creator/ God.
This class will incorporate all that we learned in the MESA-101 class and how to transform everyday situations with Grace and ease…  
Full payment due one month prior to class. $1200.00
You will need a small Q’ero Mestana Cloth approx. 12″ x 12″ 
September 18-22, 2017 10:00am – 4:00pm 
USA Phone: (401) 447-3671


dona~ Bernadina, don Umberto, don Francisco, Elizabeth & Chino

Despacho Ceremony ~ a prayer offering to God.  
There are many different kinds of Despachos; Releasing anger, fear, jealousy or bad luck… Attracting a partner, Attracting Abundance, Attracting wellness, Attracting business, giving thanks, Gratitude and more…  
Despacho Ceremony is a sacred Ceremony for a specific purpose, it is assembled in prayer then the Shaman will burn the offering in a sacred fire or bury it.  
Personal Despacho and Fire Ceremony $300.00 this fee can be split by attendees, please allow 3 hours of time for Despacho and Fire Ceremony.
Call to schedule your Despacho Ceremony now: (401) 447-3671

Kintu’ for Despacho

Sacred Shamanic Fire Ceremony Etiquette:
We begin with opening Sacred Space. After lighting the fire, singing begins to call upon Spirit.  Olive Oil is offered to the fire. The moment the fire becomes tame, it changes color & burns in a different manner.  The Shaman will give the signal when it is safe to approach the fire.  Kneel & call upon Creator, God, Great Spirit (connect with your source). Another person will stand behind you to hold space QUIETLY (no singing or rattling while holding space for the person feeding of the fire) while you approach the fire & as a ceremonial gesture summon the fire energetically drawing upon the energy of the fire to feed it into ourselves through the belly (yankay) , heart (munay), and spirit (yachay 3rd eye & luminous body).  Come before it with a pure heart. This is not meant to be sensational or dramatic, but rather a way to focus our attention & energy upon our transformation.  Always walk around the fire pit area  in a CLOCK-Wise manner.  Bring your full intent & focus, No Smoking, No Alcohol, No Marijuana or Recreational Drugs at any time.   We will sing the song “Nitche Tai Tai”. listed below. Please come on time as we wait for everyone before we begin.   

Dona Julia, Dona Olinda, Don Martin & Dona Olinda