I began my Usui Reiki training with Elizabeth in 2004.  I found her online and when I called her for the first time I felt nervous, not really knowing what to expect. I was impressed immediately by the way she made me feel completely at ease with her friendly and approachable manner.  After speaking with her I felt excited to begin my Reiki training with someone with her skill set    in the healing arts.  When I met her in person I was so impressed with her exceptional professionalism, skill and knowledge, that I continued my studies with her and finished my Master/Teacher level of Reiki with her in 2006.  I also received my Shamballa Multi- Dimensional Healing Level 1 certificate from Elizabeth in 2009.  Over the last 6 years of working with Elizabeth, I have attended other various healing classes and seminars that she has hosted and taught.  She always shows exceptional knowledge and understanding of the subject matter, and I continue to learn from her in so many ways.  She has devoted the last 13 years to her own training by studying with many Shamans and highly-skilled healers.  She has traveled all over the world on her quest for healing knowledge and is one of the hardest working, most compassionate and responsible healers I know.  Her dedication and commitment to teaching high-quality healing skills to each of her students is clearly evident in all of her classes and I am fortunate to have her         in my life as a truly extraordinary teacher. Christin S.  Student (Chepachet, RI)