It is a pleasure to share this testimonial of my experience of the Shamanic Despacho and Fire Ceremony with Elizabeth. I was not familiar with the specifics and customs of a Shaman.  I had never attended any of their ceremonies and when Elizabeth suggested a Despacho and Fire Ceremony for the specific intention I had at a time in my life when I was unclear of my direction and outcomes.  She said the ceremonies would focus my intention and the energies would enhance my desired outcome.  Having known Elizabeth for a short time on a personal level, I resonated with her suggestion.  I was amazed with her knowledge and was joyous with her infectious enthusiasm for Shamanism.  I learned much about the customs and enjoyed being exposed to the language and process of the fire ceremony.  I highly recommend Elizabeth to anyone who is open to experience something new, open to high vibratory energies, and open to giving themselves permission to heal while Elizabeth holds and facilitates sacred space for your highest good.  N.L. (Sedona, AZ)