Elizabeth “Rainbow Dancer” has dedicated the last 14 years of her life toward learning the path of Spirituality and Shamanism.   I believe the reason Elizabeth’s book contains so much insight in a variety of “healing ways” is due to the fact that she was born naturally gifted with internal wisdom and innately understood that she was not alone.  In an unconscious way, I believe that the author always knew “Mother Mary” was guiding her. And 14 years ago, this unconscious knowledge simply became conscious!

I would consider this multifaceted book a “must read” because the author describe her journey, share methods of how to create, and includes her conversations with Mother Mary, Ascended Masters, and Angels in detail. Clearly, this author listens to her inner guidance and I, personally, think that is the mark of a brave person: being “true to self.” Truly, this book is delightful, easy read. 
J.L. (East Greenwich, RI) 2010