Hi Elizabeth, I just wanted to thank you for yesterday’s class.  I feel this calm that I have never felt before.  It’s as if a white noise in the back of my mind  has quieted and been replaced with a comforting, peaceful silence.  I feel like my senses have been piqued in every way.

 I have begun my 21 days of drawing the Cho Ka Ray symbol over my chakras and saying Cha Ko Ray three times.  I feel more attuned to the universal flow today than I did yesterday.  I cannot wait to reach day 21.

 Your class was by far the best class I have attended.  You break it down and explain things in detail while providing anecdotes to paint a colorful picture.  I can’t speak for everyone, but this helped me a lot.  You are an amazing person and a wonderful teacher.  I look forward to crossing paths with you again in the future.  Whether it be, in life or in teachings.  Blessed Be,  Stef C. (Boston, MA)