There are many whom can call themselves a ‘Shaman’. There are many whom have studied with Shamans; and devote their being to this wondrous, splendid medicine.  There are few whom can incorporate the teachings of so many ‘wisdomed’ ones and energize it the way that Elizabeth does. Her enthusiasm and genuine love of    this medicine; combines with her down to Earth generous nature.  It allows her students to experience all of her wisdom and those handed down to her before.  Also though it is a pleasure to learn from a down to Earth ‘average’ person. She is sweetly identifiable; familiar.  Not ‘Oh so Ethereal’ and unattainable as many I have experienced. She makes the journey on your path to the Heaven accessible; brings it to your level of understanding and Spirituality raises you to it.   What a wonderful thing!  That, my dear is a true opportunity! Kate D. Apprenticing Mesa carrier (Glocester, RI)