While being raised in a strict Irish catholic setting certainly gave me a religious foundation and ethical barometer in life, to which I’m grateful for, it left me   seeking more.  I had a passion for seeking the why’s and questions to life, and a desire for self empowerment and spiritual enlightenment.  Over the past   10 years in an effort to embrace a greater appreciation for my life path, I would educate myself through workshops and seminars as to the different forms    of spirituality and worship and the different paths to this enlightenment by exploring other spiritual paths; taking the concepts and ideas what I thought          resonated and moving forward to the next.  I had some excellent teachers but always felt after the class was completed it was time to keep going and  went on with gratitude for their lessons.

When I met Elizabeth, I felt a connection to her that was magical.  Her beauty lies deeply is in her presence and her message.  Her passion for her medicine was incredible and contagious.  Listening to her speak was beyond comforting and I felt as if I has finally arrived home.  There was no doubt that I wanted to study with her, and I took great excitement and honor in being a student to her.

While she is empathetic and compassionate, she honored our growth path and process enough to challenge us by encouraging us all to trust in who and     where we are so we can truly develop as spiritual beings.  She did not want to hold us back even if it may have meant the possibility of a student surpassing the teacher.  She is a true ambassador for Spirit and believes in our ability to reach our own earthly gifts  and did all in her power to show us how we could achieve that goal.  Her gentleness allowed for you to feel safe at times and moments of intense vulnerability, while her nudges allow for you to step outside of our self-created boundaries of comfort, so we can get to that next step without fear and discouragement.

Her knowledge is based upon her both textbook teachings and scholastic studies in conjunction with her wisdom gained through her fearlessness in her  own journeys.  She is honest yet considerate and a walker of her talk.

Elizabeth is without question the most dedicated, genuine, and sincere teacher I have had in all of my years of spiritual embarkment.  I thank God everyday for sending me to her so that I have been able to find this medicine and incorporate it into my daily life.  Shamanism has changed my life and allowed be to heal and participate in my life in ways I never known possible.  Elizabeth and her classes are a true blessing, and without any reservation I suggest that if  anyone is ready to be a student to the ancient wisdom and willing to comprehend the legitimate meaning of Shamanism, that you set sail on this journey with the most amazing teacher I know. Aho. C.R.B.  (Bridgeport,CT)