Elizabeth with the Children & Alpaca in Peru

Note from Elizabeth: I was raised Catholic; as a child I was taught to pray, always talking TO God.  Praying for family & friends & asking for things and events to change to make life better for everyone…  Back then, I was NOT taught to listen, and that I could actually KNOW what God wanted from Me. From my very first thought, I knew there was more to life.  I questioned everything and always searched for more. When I began intensely studying on the path to Enlightenment.  I’ve learned that we CAN have an interactive relationship with God. We CAN discuss things with the Holy Spirit. We CAN re-negotiate events, & things in our lives.  It is as simple as having a conversation…  This is how I found answers; This is where I found Truth & Accuracy. To know that we are truly ONE with GOD.  I honor all religions, for there are many paths; Shamanism is not a religion, it is a way of life, honoring all of Earth an its inhabitants… for we are all connected & all one with God.  God is that which gave you the breath of life…  Some call it Spirit, Energy, There is only one Creator,  I call this God.
Everyone should be able to get their own answers; God talks to Everyone!
Let me teach you how you can communicate with God – your Higher Self – your Soul – The Holy Spirit, to make your life path easier and more fun.
Love & Blessings,

Ancient Wisdom by Elizabeth ‘Rainbow Dancer’ Book Review

ForeWord Clarion Review


Ancient Wisdom

Elizabeth “Rainbow Dancer”

Illustration by Thinkstock Balboa Press 978-1-4525-0129-1

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Elizabeth “Rainbow Dancer,” the founder of Ancient Wisdom, LLC, is a shaman and spiritual healer in the Inca tradition of the Q’ero Indians of the Peruvian Andes. Her wide-ranging interests led her to study veterinary medicine, mechanical and electrical engineering, instrumentation, and welding—the latter led her to become the first female certified welder in the New England Electric System. When she broke her back and was given a poor prognosis for recovery by Western medical doctors, Elizabeth “Rainbow Dancer” sought out, and was healed by, a woman who studied with Peruvian shamans; she then undertook fourteen years of intense study with shaman masters from all over the world. Elizabeth is also a graduate of the American Hypnosis Training Academy, a Registered Reiki Master Teacher, a Certified Master Healer of “Shamballa 13D Multi-Dimensional Healing,” and a trainer of teachers and healers. After breaking her back a second time, she began her work with ascended masters and angels, who gave her the mission of helping the world move into a new state of consciousness in preparation for the 2012 Ascension.

Raised in the Catholic Church, the author had believed that one could speak to God in prayer, but had never realized that one could actually hear God respond until she had the experiences she recounts in Ancient Wisdom. Describing how she came to be a healer and channel for the Virgin Mother Mary, Jesus, angels, saints, and ascended masters, Elizabeth believes that everyone is meant to be in connection with the Divine, and offers both directions for establishing that connection and techniques that allow one to be safe and secure while communicating with those in the realm of Spirit.

The author illuminates the responsibilities of shamans and healers and the correct attitudes that they must have toward their work and toward those who seek their aid. Describing life on Earth as a school, Elizabeth shares her understanding of the course work that must be undertaken if the soul is to grow and develop to its fullest potential; she also illustrates the different learning styles and the types of intuition that students in this planetary school may have. Her discussion of the ethics of a healing practice and recommendations on how to run a session with a client are thorough and correct, and can be applied equally to body workers, counselors, and hypnotherapists, as well as to those practicing healing and shamanism. The visualizations that she presents are both powerful and beautiful, and her suggestions for creating a life that includes a close relationship with Spirit are practical, useful, and necessary.

Channeled messages from some of the beings with whom the author is in contact are included at the end of the book; these will be of interest to readers who are concerned about what may happen as humanity moves through the Ascension process.

The author has presented valuable information in a practical, serious, and sincere manner…                     Kristine Morris 2010